What do we know about remote work?

We understand both the ethical and commercial value in making the investment, and spending the time, to select 'right'

Along with Remotestar Consulting, we run Free Range Lawyers (www.freerangelawyers.com), a company that connects lawyers working remotely with law companies looking to flex their resource. While we could sing the praises of remote work all day long, it isn't always the best option for the individual nor for the work role. Not everyone is suited to working remotely and not every employee has the right behavioural styles and personality characteristics to get the most out of working this way. It comes with a unique set of challenges and to make sure the arrangement benefits both the individual and the organisation, it makes sense to select those people who will thrive working in this way. We combine practical business experience with academic rigour to ensure our assessments and consulting help you hire and inspire with confidence.


Why we created Remotestar Consulting

We created Remotestar Consulting after identifying the need for a psychometric service and consultancy specifically tailored to remote work. We are based in Perth, Western Australia but operate a truly remote, international business with clients from around the world.

Dr Bailey Bosch Remotestar Consulting

About Dr. Bailey Bosch

Bailey has extensive experience in the use of psychological assessment in both organisational and clinical settings. In addition to her client work, Bailey has developed a parallel career in academia, working in university teaching and research positions for the last 15 years. In her role as Director of People and Culture at Free Range Lawyers she assists in selecting and supporting lawyers who want to work remotely. Bailey holds certifications in Hogan and Saville assessments and is accredited to administer and interpret both suites of assessments.

A firm believer in an evidence-based approach, she is an avid consumer of psychological research and has contributed to several research groups during her career. Bailey holds a PhD in psychology and is currently completing her Masters of Psychology in Organisational Psychology. She has membership with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology Australia (SIOPA) (Student) and her work is anchored in evidenced-based theories and techniques.

For more on Bailey's experience and qualifications, take a look at her Linkedin page.

Katherine Thomas Remotestar Consulting

About Katherine Thomas

Katherine chose the legal business rather than legal practice path and in her 20 year career has held a number of roles at major U.K. firms covering marketing, sales, learning & development and knowledge management. In 2013, she established and grew the flexible resourcing service 'Vario' for Pinsent Masons, taking it from an idea to a thriving business in under three years. Katherine now runs her own consulting practice advising law firms from Canada and the U.K. to New Zealand and Australia on strategy and sales. In early 2019, Katherine and Bailey established Free Range Lawyers, a contract lawyer business that links lawyers working remotely with law firms looking to flex their resource. Free Range Lawyers finds individuals who not only have the right technical skills, but also the right behaviours and motivations to thrive in a freelance, remote-working model. Remotestar undertakes all the psychometric assessments for Free Range Lawyers.

Katherine is a Teaching Fellow on the Master of Legal Business course provided by The College of Law, Australia. She is a lecturer for the College of Law in Western Australia, a member of the Law Consultancy Network, a panel member for the College of Law Centre for Legal Innovation in Western Australia, a regular contributor to publications such as LegalBusinessWorld and Remaking Law Firms and speaks at events worldwide.

For more on Katherine's experience and qualifications, take a look at her Linkedin page.


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