We offer assessments for individuals and teams

These insights will allow you to make informed decisions around recruitment, development and management of your remote workforce.


Individual Assessments.

By knowing more about the people you are bringing into your organisation, you can make informed decisions. Our assessments can help you understand what motivates an individual and drives their behaviours. We can describe their behavioural style and highlight where their talents fit into your organisation.


Leadership Assessments

Our services are designed to increase productivity and performance across your organisation by retaining and developing the best leadership talent.


Leadership Potential

  • Describes an individual’s day-to-day leadership style and behaviours

  • Outlines leadership competencies

  • Allows for strategic self-awareness to help individuals use their strengths and manage their limitations

  • Recommendations for development opportunities.

Leaders Under Pressure

  • Specific focus on how the leader will react ‘when the going gets tough’

  • Explore what behaviours will interfere with your leader’s ability to build high-performing, effective teams.

What Leads your Leader? Report

  • Understand what drives and motivates your leader

  • Find out what they value and how this impacts their leadership style

  • Recommendations for what environment will bring out the best in your leader.

STAR Report

  • Designed for high potential candidates

  • Assists in the development of emerging or existing leaders

  • Assists in developing and preparing for leadership

  • Assists in strategic self-awareness to prioritise limitations and maximize potential.

STAR Report for Agile Leaders

  • For emerging or existing leaders

  • Designed for leaders experiencing digital disruption

  • Explores strengths and limitations of leaders in unpredictable and changing business environments.


STAR Integrity Report

  • A covert personality-based measure of integrity

  • Designed to examine a range of counter-productive work behaviours

  • Assists in selection, recruitment and in identifying individuals at high risk of counter-productive workplace behaviour.

Emotional Intelligence

STAR EQ Report

  • Assess emotional intelligence

  • Explore how an individual manages their own and others’ emotions

  • Quantifies an individual’s emotional self-awareness and self-regulation.

Entrepreneurial Talent

STAR Report for Entrepreneurs

  • Specifically designed to identify entrepreneurial talent

  • Assists in predicting entrepreneurial success across a variety of industries.



TEAM Assessments.

Our Team Assessments can help you to understand the dynamics operating in your remote working team. They assist managers of remote working groups to identify issues before they become a problem and provide information to allow leaders to maximise team performance.

STAR Team Report

  • Identifies the mix of strengths and limitations in your team.

  • Describes internal dynamics and individual cultures within your team.

  • Allows quick identification of problem areas.

  • Provides knowledge and data to maximise team performance.

  • Recommendations for help your team achieve their full potential.


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